Saturday, February 19, 2011

Talent Does Matter Than Experience...

i was selected to be part of a team that are highly respectable in the campus... during the selection period, i was shaking a bit because there are many talented player.. some are fast.. some are skillfull.. some are already a player of the U.. i said, "damn they are good... way too good..".... after several test and friendly games, i was shocked that my name is in the final 22 HS United squad... hahahaaaa.. but this was the beginning... the hardest part is when i was just on the bench for the Charity Shield Cup and two of the SHAS Cup games... the 3 games the HS United played was soo awful.. i heard others said, "pahal teruk sgt HS ni", "is the HS we knowed?" and "the coach should change some players but why he still stick with the original players?"... the defending unit were like a brick of wall but the attacking unit were like a broken arrows... failed to breach our opponents wall of defense resulting defeat for us.. as i watched in sorrow i asked myself, "nape coach x msukkan aku?", "die x pecayekan budak2 junior mcm aku kew? kalo x bt pew die pilih kiteowg?"... after we are officially out of the tournament we still left with one group match with AIKOL.. if i played that night, i want ignite... run as fast i can.. win every ball i have... score as much as possible... i want to be the spark of the team n stay in the team for the next 3 years... i want to play n show to the coach that TALENT DOES MATTER THAN EXPERIENCE.. i want to play until he said in regret, "i should use this boy on the field instead keeping him on the bench"


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